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Beverly Hills, CA

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Beverly Hills Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Patel is a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. His practice is different than most. Dr. Patel focuses on plastic surgery of the face only. In order to get the best plastic surgery results, Dr. Patel believes you can’t do a little bit of everything. Dr. Patel focuses on surgeries that are simple and easy and can make a big difference. As the top buccal fat removal surgeon, the top chin lipo surgeon, and the top chin implant surgeon, Dr. Patel sees himself as a facial sculpting expert. Dr. Patel specializes in awake plastic surgery and performs >90% of his surgeries with the patient awake and comfortable. Painless plastic surgery. Finally, Dr. Patel has found a niche and become the top ear pinning surgeon in the country. When you choose Dr. Patel you are choosing the best facial plastic surgeon. 

Our Practice

Dr. Patel has spent years developing his vision for the perfect concierge style facial plastic surgery practice. We provide each patient with a personalized experience from the beginning and strive to make each new patient our client for life. Similar to a first class travel experience, Dr. Patel is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and to ensuring you enjoy an elegant and catered experience. Our staff will ensure you are provided every comfort possible and, most importantly, spend as much time with you as needed.

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