Thoughts on Hair Restoration

Check out the simple post below with valuable descriptions and resources on the variety of things you can do to improve your hair thickness.

DO’s: shampoo daily, use a comb, wear a hat, get your hair cut regularly, use conditioner

DON’Ts: pluck hairs, heat dry your hair, use a brush, get stressed out


Propecia- finasteride is a medication that is blocks an enzyme thereby decreasing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes androgenic hair loss. This medication should be taken in 1mg doses. It is covered by your insurance in 5mg doses for the purposes of an enlarged prostate (wink wink). It does have side effects which include a 2-4% chance of loss of libido, erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. The science behind this leads me to believe there is a large mental component to the occurrence of the side effects. In general if you are trying to conceive avoid it. Nonetheless, it is the best medication for male hair loss period. It can regrow hair but mainly will stop hair loss especially at the crown.

Rogaine– minoxidil (5%) is a medication that will help regrow hair particularly at the front of your hairline. Use this nightly and brush it in. Any generic brand is fine and Costco is the cheapest place to find it in the US.

Vitamins- Nutrafol or Biocin+Viviscal are vitamins that have the best results in my opinion but I’m not entirely sure they are worth the cost especially if you are budget conscious. If you don’t want to dish out the extra money just get Amazon-bought biotin supplements. When you are cutting your nails non-stop you know it’s working.

Shampoo- I usually recommend using a prescription antifungal (ketoconazole 2%) shampoo once a week that prevents dandruff and has shown to help prevent hair shedding.  On top of that, I recommend an expensive daily shampoo such as Viviscal but any shampoo like Bosley or Nioxin is fine. I previously recommended HairMedica but I can’t find stock anywhere anymore. I’ll keep trying!

PRP- I recommend a PRP injection course that includes 3 injections separated by a month followed by an injection at month 6 month then yearly. The key is using a kit that has a higher extraction of growth factors than just a regular test tube that is spun down. Some facilities use this and it does work and saves a lot of money but I haven’t seen equivalent results. I use the Eclipse PRP system. I love the results even though their kits cost me more money. You usually won’t see results until prior to the third session.

Low Level Light Therapy- Wearing a hat containing red LED lights has been scientifically proven to increase hair growth. The options here include Capillus, iRestore or Theradome. I get the best results with Theradome. These are expensive ($>1,000) but if you can use them often, which most people end up not doing, you will see results.

Theradome by Eclipse Medical

Theradome by Eclipse Medical

Wig- Yea don’t do it. Just shave your damn head.

Hair Transplant- Not everyone is a candidate and this is really where knowing your goals and getting a proper evaluation comes into play. Knowing how many grafts, sessions and your financial constraints can help us come up with the best plan for you.


The above is not intended as medical advice from a medical professional and serves only as unsolicited opinion. For a formal evaluation please contact our office.

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