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So I just asked my rep from Allergan if I could order Kybella. (I have been hearing it is going ‘out of stock’). I was told as of today I could not order any. Supposedly, it won’t be available until March and it is due to it being “manufactured at the place that makes life saving drug and there is a shortage of those now so they had to make the place available to make more of those.”

Result of Kybella

Many of us in the industry have been weary of the success and efficacy o the drug. Though we are being given other reasons, I fear the time of Kybella has come to an end. Earlier this year I published a paper in JAMA talking about some of the drawbacks of the drugs.  In summary, we discussed that the price point was too high to reach an adequate patient satisfaction. The drug definitely works and helps people avoid their fear of surgery but in reality, surgery is likely a better option for most people given that the recovery and risks from Kybella isn’t exactly that of a “same day procedure.” The majority of the practitioners offering Kybella are dermatologists or people who can’t do surgery. I can preach for days about Kybella but an amazing investigative piece in Allure  by Jolene Edgar can describe the drawbacks in a fair way far more eloquently that I can.

Leave your thoughts, comments and experiences with us here! I actually have some Kybella left over and if you can convince me why you need Kybella; first come first serve: for FREE! 

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