Sagar Says: Scrotox


While I do not offer this procedure as a part of my practice, when I set out to do Sagar Says I had a goal of informing my patients and followers about trends in plastic surgery. While you may find this treatment humorous, it is very real and is often requested by patients.

What is Scrotox?

Neurotoxins such as botox work by paralyzing muscle. They also carry other properties such as decreasing sweat, salivation and by secondary effect of relaxing muscle can smooth skin. When small aliquots of botulinum toxin are injected into the skin of the scrotum, after waiting 3-7 days you can start seeing some surprising results.


What will it do?

The only clinical reports on the use of scrotal botulinum toxin are for use to relieve testicular pain which is a very common problem for which people are seen and treated for by urologists. The primary reason for the popular use of scrotal botox is for aesthetic purposes however as relaxing the muscles of the scrotum will cause the skin to look smoother and less wrinkly. Additional benefits are the it can cause the scrotum to hang lower increasing the aesthetic profile of the region and also can help decrease sweating which can be bothersome to many men.


What are the risks?

As with any injectable treatment, risks of deep injection and over-injection can lead to poor outcomes including problems with function. There are not many case reports of serious side effects that I was able to find.


Many patients report increased confidence, sexual performance and overall increase in sexual activity. There are no guarantees here but I guess  sometimes you got to try new things. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. While I don’t perform the procedure there are a handful of doctors in the Los Angeles area that I am sure will be willing to lend a helping hand! VICE media published a cool piece on one of their journalists experience with the treatment: CHECK IT OUT HERE!

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