SAGAR SAYS: PRP for Hair Loss

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a component of one’s blood that contains platelets and their associated growth factors. These factors are typically vital in the healing process as they stimulate collagen and regrowth. The concept of reinjecting the concentrate into one’s body was first used in orthopedics to stimulate joint healing; however data was inconclusive and indications limited.

What does PRP do?

PRP injected into the scalp theoretically helps stimulate hair growth. Numerous clinical studies have shown the efficacy of this however some studies have also shown it doesn’t have a clinically significant difference. In our experience, PRP maintenance therapy helps with a few things but is not a replacement for a hair transplant.

  • PRP will help increase the hair follicle shaft thickness thereby adding perceived volume to the hair. It stimulate the hair growth itself and prevents hair loss secondary to inflammation.
  • PRP can help reverse miniaturization which is the process that occurs at the line of recession when hairs become thin and fine.
  • PRP will not replace medical therapy or a hair transplant but if you are happy with where your hair is right now it is a great treatment to prolong the inevitable balding process

How is the procedure done?

PRP treatment involves a blood draw using a proprietary system from Eclipse Medical. The blood is then spun for 10 minutes to isolate the PRP. This is then injected into the scalp with multiple injections separated by 1cm. The treatment take about 30 minutes. We recommend a series of 3 treatments separated by a month followed by yearly maintenance therapy.

Does it hurt?

Some of the needle pokes are painful and for some reason some are not. Most patients can tolerate the injections without numbing shots as we use a vibrating device to distract the pain. After the procedure you will feel some tightness and possibly a slight headache but this dissipates over the course of an hour or two. Your activities are not limited after the treatment.

The Eclipse Difference

Unlike many medical spas, we utilize an expensive kit to extract the blood leading to a higher quality and concentration of platelets and growth factors in our PRP. We have seen a significant difference in the results due to spending money on the proper kit. Always ask your provider what system they are using. If they use a basic test tube that costs them ~$1, chances are you are paying less but for an inferior product.


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