Do Facial Slimming Exercises Work? Facial Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective

Facial Slimming Exercises

As one of the leading facial contouring experts in Beverly Hills, I have some pretty insightful thoughts on at slimming belts, stretches and exercises that can supposedly be used at home to help you slim your face. If you want the quick summary of this post here it is: there is no scientific basis behind these treatments.

Facial Slimming Exercises: The Basics

There are multiple online articles  and Youtube videos that describe different exercises you can do to remove a double chin, improve wrinkles, and slim your chubby cheeks. Performing these exercises or facial yoga as some blogs describe it, can supposedly improve facial contours by changing the muscles and reducing the fat.


Can I make my face Stronger?

Scientifically speaking, the muscles in our face a thin, small and weak. We have one muscle group of significant strength and those are the muscles of chewing such as the masseter. This muscle is the only one, that with exercise (i.e. chewing gum) will get larger. The rest won’t change no matter how hard you ‘work out.’

Can I do exercises to reduce the fat in my face?

This part is even more silly. When it comes to using exercise to lose fat from under your chin for example, fat won’t simply dissolve because it is stretched. I won’t change my mind on this topic until I see someone get a six pack by simply sitting in bed and flexing her abs. It just won’t happen. Targeted fat reduction is very difficult even in large areas like the abdomen let alone small areas like the cheeks or neck.


What about Facial Slimming Straps?

facial slimming strap

These straps are similar to the ones I use after facial contouring surgery to keep the tissues tight and flat. There is no scientific logic that repeated light compression will do anything other than decrease blood flow temporarily. It might cause your face to look slimmer for a minute or two right when you take it off but no way you can see a permanent change here.

Facial Rollers

You might have seen or read of the benefits of facial rollers which can be used to prevent wrinkles and improve your skin. Now we are at least talking about something with some scientific foresight. These rollers will gently improve the microcirculation or microscopic blood supply and will even help circulate lymph. Combined, these can improve overall skin health but are unlikely to change the appearance of wrinkles. The big myth here is that the material of the roller will make a difference. The result is mechanical and using jade versus rubber won’t cause the slightest bit of difference.

Does a Jade Roller Work

So what can you do for facial slimming aside from surgery?


Why Kybella Negative

I don’t recommend this treatment in general but you can certainly rid yourself of a hereditary double chin with this injectable. Deoxycholic acid is a detergent that is injected just under your chin and then will slowly dissolve the fat. The downsides of this are that you will swell up and in general unless you only have a slight amount of stubborn fat it just doesn’t make financial sense.


This is a similar treatment to Kybella except instead of using an injected detergent, you use a device to get the fat so cold that it dies. It works. It can be expensive. You skin won’t tighten much afterwords.

Profound RF

This is a radiofrequency energy that will help reduce fat and also provide some skin tightening. The biggest downsides here are how much you swell and once again cost. This procedure demonstrates the best results of the above options in my opinion.



The answers you don’t want to hear:  Drink water. Eat healthy. Exercise. Those, even done poorly are better than wasting time, money and energy on at home ‘remedies’ that are unproven internet treatments.

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