Male Cheek Fat Removal: A Surprising Trend

Buccal Fat Removal: A Hot Plastic Surgery Trend

I perform about 3 buccal fat removals a week, which, for even the busiest surgeons, is crazy number. While I also am surprised by this trend, what surprises me the most is how common it is for men to want to have the cheek fat removal procedure done.

Male Plastic Surgery: by the numbers

Generally speaking, according to the most recent American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons annual data, only 8% of plastic surgery is male.  When you look at the overall numbers; however, year by year we are slowly seeing an increase in the number of males willing to go under the knife.

The Male Psyche and Plastic Surgery

Male Female Mirror Meme

There is a classic meme above is not too far from the truth. As a facial plastic surgeon, I have sat with patients and together analyzed facial features. Aside for our hair, males rarely exhibit the level of self-criticism or even self-awareness that our female counterparts do. When we look at the procedures that men are willing to undergo, for the most part they have an easy recovery and cost less.

What is Cheek Fat Reduction?

Cheek fat reduction, or formally buccal fat removal, is a procedure in which I remove a small pocket of fat in the lower midface in order to reduce the appearance of chubby cheeks, baby cheeks or a round face. This is all done from inside the mouth, with just a numbing shot and in under 30 minutes. It is impossible for a plastic surgeon to even tell the procedure has been done. Overall, the surgery is relatively pain free, is accompanied with an easy recovery and is not outrageously priced. The long-term results are subtle and with all of these characteristics one can easily see why it would be attractive to a patient.chin liposuction surgery

Buccal Fat Removal Cost

In general, men tend to care just as much as women about the cost of the procedure. I have anecdotally heard that it can be done for under $100 in Mexico border clinics. That being said for those not that brave, the procedure typically runs from $1000-$6000.   While the procedure is considered safe overall, patient selection is very important.

Male Buccal Fat Removal

Why is Cheek Fat Removal popular among men?

This question took me awhile to figure out.  I didn’t think most men would have thought about their cheeks, let alone have the ability to know this procedure even exists. Thank god for the internet! I slowly have learned that many men in their late 20’s simply wish to look older. This goes against the general adage of plastic surgery; however, I can see why someone would want to be labeled handsome over cute. The subtle change in cheek contour after a cheek fat reduction can certainly do the trick.

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