Honest Review: Trusculpt vs. Coolsculpt

What is Trusculpt?

Trusculpt is a technology that uses radiofrequency energy to reduce fat. It can be used almost ANYWHERE on the body from the neck to the toes.  While it is not a single modality treatment that will transform your body, it WILL help improve the stubborn areas of fat that your diet and exercise just don’t seem to touch: a double chin, love handles, and lower abs.

Trusculpt Review

How does Trusculpt work?

It applies waves of RF energy through the subcutaneous tissue. This energy kills fat cells. Once the body recognizes them as dead, the immune system comes in and eats them up. Because of the microscopic nature of this process you won’t see a change on your scale, but rather will see a change in shape. 

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What is the Treatment like?

You will not feel any pain just warmth. There is an ideal temperature that the machine should heat too; however this can be adjusted to comfort level. The treatment takes 15 minutes and when you leave you don’t see any swelling or redness. You can resume all normal activities immediately afterwards. It takes 12 weeks to see the final results. 

How is Trusculpt different than CoolSculpt?

Both have similar results but use different technologies (RF vs freezing) to accomplish the goal. CoolSculpt was FDA approval in 2010 and Trusculpt in 2014.  The device used in our Newport Beach office is called “Trusculpt iD” which is the 3rd  and newest generation of the device.

Coolsculpt causes some temporary pain, numbness and swelling, while Trusculpt has ZERO downtime. Coolsculpt takes 60 minutes to treat while Trusculpt is 15 minutes in duration. 

How much does Trusculpt Cost?

Overall the cost of Trusculpt and Coolsculpt are similar. You will find a degree of variation depending on the place offering it (med spa versus plastic surgery office) and by geographic location. Typically, both are purposefully priced per an area which can lead to confusion. In reality you will never treat just one area. The abs would need about six while each flank needs four.

According to Realself, the average cost of Coolsculpt is $2,450 while the average price of Trusculpt is $2,250. The key data to look at there is reported patient satisfaction which is MUCH higher for Trusculpt (80% vs 96%)

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-Bottom Line-

  • Trusculpt likely has slightly better results with less downtime and less side effects. If Trusculpt is more expensive: go with Coolsculpting.  
  • You will see a variety of price options and structures. Specifically will see offices marketing packages at prices like $300 per treatment when in reality you will need multiple areas treated. Get an free initial assessment to find out how many areas you need and then: go with the cheapest option.
  • The expertise and credentials of the provider means nothing. What you need is an honest assessment and more importantly someone who can relay honest expectations.
  • Results vary and the treatment is best reserved for stubborn fat. This won’t take you from overweight to skinny after one treatment. If you are looking for a complete body transformation, liposuction will give you better results and better prices. If you are looking for a way to quickly get some definition or target a stubborn area that just doesn’t get better: Trusculpt is for you.

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