Otoplasty Cost: Why is it so expensive!?

Big Ears No More: Otoplasty Cost Details

An otoplasty or ear pinning surgery has a very wide price range. Many offices will not provide a price range over the phone as an in-person assessment is needed. While it is important to have an assessment of your ears and review of your goals with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, you should have an idea on what the price might be going in.

According to RealSelf, the price ranges from $25 to $8600 with an average cost of $4200. Much variability goes into the price, including costs of anesthesia, operating room fees, and surgeon’s fees which may vary depending on complexity and technique.

My guess is that the more expensive surgeons are generally the ones who do not perform the surgery very often and hence charge a premium to do it.

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgery where prominent ears can be reduced. This surgery utilizes various techniques to bring the ears closer to the head and create folds in various parts of the ear. This surgery has been around for decades and is one of the most commonly performed pediatric cosmetic surgeries.

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What makes up the Ear Pinning cost?

Otoplasty can be performed via a multitude of techniques and a surgeon’s fees can vary based on the type and number of techniques needed. Unfortunately, you cannot know which technique a surgeon recommends without having a consult.

Most surgeons will perform this in the operating room so you will likely have to pay a facility fee which is usually a flat fee or billed hourly.

Children under 12 will likely need general anesthesia and that will also incur an anesthesia fee.

How much should an otoplasty cost?

Every surgeon is different. Every region is different. The primary variable is the surgeon’s fee. Now, this surgery takes about one hour. I see many surgeons charging $8000 for an hour otoplasty and $8000 for a 3 hour rhinoplasty. The reason behind this is simply that they don’t do enough otoplasty!

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How do you get a cheap otoplasty?

Most surgeons do not perform this procedure often. While I perform 50-100 a year, I’d say the average surgeon only performs 1-2! Given that, it is easy to ask for a discount if you allow the surgeon to use your pictures. We often run specials on the procedure that make the cost as low as $2500. Check here often to see.

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