Dr. Patel Beverly hills ca plastic surgeon

Concierge Facial Plastic Surgeon

High School
Phillips Exeter Academy

UndergraduateUniversity of Southern California (USC), Baccalaureate/M.D. program

Medical SchoolUniversity of Southern California

ResidencyWayne State University Department of Otolaryngology

Fellowship: Facial Plastic Surgery- Russell Kridel MD, FACS

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Perfecting Perfection With Artistry

As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon originally from Los Angeles, Dr. Patel returned home in 2017 to open his dream practice in the heart of Beverly Hills. Throughout his life, he has traveled the globe and brings a worldly artistic vision to his surgical practice. Armed with gifted hands and precise dexterity, Dr. Patel uses an innate ability to visualize facial anatomy and beauty concepts to create phenomenal results. Yet despite these skills, what sets Dr. Patel apart from his peers is his ability and honesty in communication.

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Facial Plastic Surgeon

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As a board certified Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, Dr. Patel is well versed in all anatomy above the neck. Dr. Patel only focuses on the intricate cosmetic details of the face as he completed a fellowship and is also board certified in facial plastic surgery.

Fun Facts

  • Dr. Patel has lived as an American overseas in Australia, Saudi Arabia, London and Mexico. World Citizen!
  • Dr. Patel’s parents, though of Indian descent, were both born in Africa (Kenya/Malawi). Jambo!
  • Dr. Patel is an avid golfer. Handicap: 14!
  • Dr. Patel writes with his left hand and throws with his right. Ambidextrous!
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