SAGAR SAYS: PRP for Hair Loss

What is PRP? Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a component of one’s blood that contains platelets and their associated growth factors. These factors are typically vital in the healing process as they stimulate collagen and regrowth. The concept of reinjecting the concentrate into one’s body was first used in orthopedics to stimulate joint healing; however […]

Sagar Says: Stop Sweating

Is it actually a medical problem? They say don’t sweat the petty stuff. The reality is that for those sweating too much, both men and women, you can have serious anxiety about it. Classic treatments have ranged from clinical grade antiperspirants to oral pills to surgery. I wanted to discuss some of the newer options […]

Sagar Says: Scrotox

SCROTOX While I do not offer this procedure as a part of my practice, when I set out to do Sagar Says I had a goal of informing my patients and followers about trends in plastic surgery. While you may find this treatment humorous, it is very real and is often requested by patients. What […]

Sagar Says: The 4 Most Common Botox Questions

SAGAR SAYS What is Botox? Botox helps with wrinkles that form as a result of facial movement (anything involved with facial expression).  These wrinkles form in a direction opposite of muscle movement which occurs after repetitive motion causes a little crease in the skin over time. Botox works by paralyzing that muscle. How long does […]

Sagar Says: Lumify

Magic Eye Drops: Lumify BY SAGAR PATEL M.D. Sagar Patel Aesthetics Beverly Hills, CA When talking beauty, the most stunning, attractive and jaw-dropping feature one can have is breathtaking eyes. Usually this is defined by the color of one’s eyes but the whole eye includes our eyeballs, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids and in particular the area […]

Breaking News: Kybella

So I just asked my rep from Allergan if I could order Kybella. (I have been hearing it is going ‘out of stock’). I was told as of today I could not order any. Supposedly, it won’t be available until March and it is due to it being “manufactured at the place that makes life […]

Thoughts on Hair Restoration

Check out the simple post below with valuable descriptions and resources on the variety of things you can do to improve your hair thickness. DO’s: shampoo daily, use a comb, wear a hat, get your hair cut regularly, use conditioner DON’Ts: pluck hairs, heat dry your hair, use a brush, get stressed out Products/Treatments Propecia- […]

Things to Know Before Going Overseas for Plastic Surgery

As cost conscious consumers, we often find ourselves most willing to bargain for our desires rather than our needs. Cosmetic surgery certainly falls into the desire category, and as the cost of plastic surgery in the United States continues to increase dramatically, Americans are looking overseas to find bargains on their nips and tucks. Countries […]

Choosing your Surgeon

This is my first blog post and one that I’ve been excited to talk about. Before I begin I wanted to let you know that this will be an informal blog to simply get across as much information to my patients as possible. This is not medical advice or pure facts but just my opinion. […]

When to See a Doctor for Acne

Acne is such a common condition that we can easily find products to fight the redness and pustules that mark up the skin. Having so many options for home remedies for acne can seem convenient. However, it is important to know what to do if your chosen remedy doesn’t soothe your skin as you expected. […]

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