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otoplasty cost

Otoplasty Cost

Big Ears No More: Otoplasty Cost Details An otoplasty or ear pinning surgery has a very wide price range. Many offices will not provide a price range over the phone as an in-person assessment is needed. While it is important to have an assessment of your ears and review of your goals with a board-certified […]

male plastic surgery trends

Male Cheek Fat Removal: A Surprising Trend

Buccal Fat Removal: A Hot Plastic Surgery Trend I perform about 3 buccal fat removals a week, which, for even the busiest surgeons, is crazy number. While I also am surprised by this trend, what surprises me the most is how common it is for men to want to have the cheek fat removal procedure […]

Nose Job Cost: How to get a great rhinoplasty cheap!

The Nose Job Cost How much ?!?$¥£€ What is a rhinoplasty? A nose job or a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the shape of the nose is changed. This can include changes to help a patient breathe better, make the nose straighter, smaller, bigger or simply more contoured. This can be done for […]

Sagar Sculpting: How to get a chiseled face

As the practice has grown, buccal fat removal has become one of the most popular procedures that I perform. Even though it has been around for decades, recent cultural trends have brought the simple procedure into the limelight. I developed a combination of procedures that includes buccal fat removal that can get impressive results. What […]

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