Dimple Surgery

Dimple Creation Cost
DURATION: 30 minutes
RECOVERY: minimal swelling for a few days, dissolving sutures

What is Dimple Surgery?

Dimple creation surgery or dimpleplasty is 30 minute procedure performed under local anesthesia in which Dr. Patel creates soft and natural dimples that appear when you smile.

dimple surgery consultation

How does Dimpleplasty Work?

A dimple is a connection between the skin and inner surface of the mouth that appears when you smile. This “cute” feature and although some people naturally have dimples, we can also surgically create them in those that do not! This procedure is started with numbing shots inside your mouth and then a small tunnel is created to your skin so that a total of four stitches can be placed on either side. In 30 minutes you will be able to see your new dimples!

dimple anatomy

What about Dimple Surgery Cost?

According to Realself, the cost of dimpleplasty ranges from $150 to $2500 with the average cost being $1125. This is likely data for each dimple. In our office we charge $1500 for BOTH sides.


Dimple Surgery Recovery

A dimple surgery has an easy physical recovery. There is mild soreness and swelling that lasts for a few days and you can resume ALL normal activity the very next day. Now for the bad news: initially the dimples will be deep and sharp and will be present even at rest. As the sutures dissolve, the dimples will soften and gain a natural appearance. This can take anywhere from a week to a few months so there is a process of patience involved.

model dimple

Can I have other surgeries done at the same time?

Dimple creation surgery can often be combined with buccal fat removal to create a contoured cheek while also enhancing your smile with a distinguishing set of dimples!

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