Facial Liposuction (Jowls/Perioral)

COST: $2,499 DURATION: 30 minutes

RECOVERY: slight bruising, 2 days of a compression wrap,

How to get Sagging and Loose Jowls? 

As we age or gain weight, we often find ourselves with droopy, bottom heavy and fat,  faces. One particular area of common concern that occurs when the cheeks descend to the jaw is the jowls. Face yoga, facial slimming exercises and creams are never the answer. Often, for patients who do not have as much loose skin, a face lift may also not be the answer. Simple liposuction may help improve contours and decrease the heaviness of the lower face.jowl liposuction

What is a perioral Mound?

Others may develop pockets or bulges of fat around the corner of their mouth. Generally these are thinner patients who have walnut sized pockets of fat that even buccal fat removal won’t adequately address. We can utilize facial liposuction to target these areas of fat and reduce face fat using liposuction.

Who is the ideal candidate for Jowls/Perioral Lipo? 

While removal of any fat can give an improvement most patients, certain patients can benefit more than others. Younger patient’s (30-50 years old) who do not have loose skin and instead have fat accumulation are better candidates. jowl liposuction

How much Jowls/Perioral Lipo cost?

I charge $2500 for this surgery. While many surgeons perform liposuction of the chin and neck, not many perform the advanced techniques and have the expertise to perform liposuction directly on the face.

What about Kybella® and Coolsculpting®?

I published a large scientific study on Kybella and it’s cost efficacy.  While you can use it directly on the jowls, it is not FDA approved and it is difficult to control the amount needed. Coolsculpting on the other hand does not treat areas above the jawline. Why Kybella Negative

What is the Facial Liposuction like? 

The procedure takes a little bit over 30 minutes. You have the option of taking a an anxiety relieving pill and then your face is gently injected with a numbing solution.


In the operating room, we will begin with a small incision inside the corner of each mouth for perioral liposuction. For liposuction of the jowls, a small needle is inserted externally. In both, I use manual pressure to gently suction out 2-4cc of fat from each area using specialized micro-cannula equipment. Double Chin Surgery


One of the primary reasons not many surgeons perform this procedure is fear of a branch of a nerve that controls the corner of your mouth. With appropriate knowledge of the anatomy and knowing the importance of staying superficial where the nerve does not run, this risk is minimized. As with any surgery, there are always risks and one must take these into account prior to electing a procedure.


You are able to go home immediately after the procedure and will wear a headwrap for about 2 days. You can expect some bruising, mild pain and swelling. The final results develop over the course of 3 months. This is a way to lose face fat fast!

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