Functional Rhinoplasty

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Case ID: 1215

Right: Patient desired a less scooped profile but mainly wanted to breathe again

Close-up: Note the healing of the incision 1 month out, the septal deviation in the right nostril and the deviation of the nose to the left which were both fixed.


This patient had a previous septoplasty and no ability to breathe from either side. She did not like her base view as the nostrils were pinched.  In the before picture one can see a large dip prior to the tip  that caused her to has a slightly scooped nose. This was fixed with cartilage grafting. On the base view one can see a pinched tip that was refined though there is still swelling. You can also see the nose itself is deviated to the left and the right nostril shows a septal deviation. These were all fixed as you can see in the postoperative picture taken 1 month out.

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