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Restore your Hair. Restore your Confidence.

Dr. Sagar Patel brings up to bring decades of experience, service and knowledge about hair transplants to patients around the world. This portal  is intended to serve as a crash course in obtaining the fundamental knowledge, secrets and philosophies that all patients should be armed with if regaining confidence and stopping hair loss. This video guide is intended to have the user start with the introduction video below and then continue through the course by picking and choosing a customized plan based upon  needs. For a personalized assessment feel free to contact the office to set up a complimentary consultation with us.  Happy learning!

MasterClass: Hair Loss Prevention

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Introduction: Am I Losing Hair?


Non-Surgical Options: Ranked

Finasteride and Rogaine

What is PRP and how does it work?

Watch a PRP Session Time Lapse

What about supplements?

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration: The Others

Hair Transplant Surgery: History, Concepts, Techniques

The Hair Consult

FUE vs FUT: what’s the difference

What is Neograft?

The Neograft 90210 Difference

Neograft vs. Artas

Post Surgery Recovery: The Waiting Game and What to Watch out for

Paying for your Hair Transplant


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