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Natural Beauty vs Cosmetic Surgery: Is There Middle Ground? | Middle Ground

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The Blog Squad Visits a Plastic Surgeon!!!!!!

Buccal Fat Pad Removal with Dr. Sagar Patel | Cosmetic Town


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Dermatologists And Plastic Surgeons Are Getting Ready To Reopen. 

Here, All The Changes You Can Expect At Your Next Appointment.

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Dr. Patel Discusses Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Dr. Sagar Patel, a facial plastic and hair restoration surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, believes the Reuters findings are credible, but he isn’t too convinced that Propecia’s side effects are as alarming as these reports may suggest.

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Dr. Patel Discusses Buccal Fat Removal With RealSelf News

Even men are getting wise to the perks of the procedure. “Fifty percent of my buccal fat consults are guys,” says Dr. Sagar Patel, a facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. “The majority are wanting to look more mature and masculine so [that] people at work will take them seriously.” Imagine that—getting plastic surgery because you want to look older.
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Dr. Patel Discusses Buccal Fat Removal With CosmeticTown TV

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sagar Patel and his beautiful patient share a special case with us of Buccal Fat Pad Removal.

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The Patels Of Beverly Hills Are Interviewed By VoyageLA

In this article Dr. Patel discusses his involvement in the Patels of Beverly Hills.
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Dr. Patel Wins Prestigious Ben Shuster Memorial Research Award

Former Wayne State School of Medicine Otolaryngology resident Sagar Patel MD was award the 2017-2018 Ben Shuster Memorial Research Award for best fellowship research paper.

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CNN Published Posts About The Team Dr. Patel Led To Rural India In 2008

CNN is following two student teams from the University of Southern California as they work to improve the quality of life in India.

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Article Outlining Dr. Patel’s Innovative Efforts In Bringing Google Glass To Healthcare

Sagar Patel, MD, a resident in the department of otolaryngology at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, had a feeling that Google Glass might be able to improve patient care.

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Sagar Patel Aesthetics Announces Novel Acceptance Of Cryptocurrency For Payment

Using the Coinbase Commerce platform, Sagar Patel Aesthetics, has begun accepting payments for all surgical fees. This move marks the continued integration of cryptocurrencies into industries outside e-commerce.

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Article Highlighting Dr. Patel’s Landmark Study On Opioid Use Patterns After Rhinoplasty

In the study of 62 patients, the vast majority – 74 percent – used only 15 or less out of the 20 to 30 pain pills their surgeons prescribed.

For all surgeons in the practice of opioid prescribing, it’s done on an arbitrary basis,’ says Dr Sagar Patel, lead study author.

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CORE Grant Recipients

Dr. Patel was awarded a prestigious CORE grant to further study facial trauma biomechanics