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SPA Signature Lip Boost

Instant results that are Instagram ready. Dr. Patel utilizes photos of your lips and the latest software to achieve the exact look you want. We start conservative and build incrementally in order to attain the best possible result. This tailored approach leads to amazing results and a relatively pain-free experience. From $750

Selfie Ready

Want to have high cheekbones and a chiseled jaw so you can stop exaggerating that 3⁄4 turn in every selfie? Building your cheek bones and refining your jawline with a combination of filler and botox will perfect your selfies without a filter. From $1500

Eye Energizer

The goal of the Eye Energizer is to make your eyes pop. We start you on a regimen to clear the whites of your eyes, boost your lashes and reduce the effects of fatigue and aging. Filler placed under the eyes recontours the lower lids and a touch of botox to the crows feet and under the eyebrow gives your eyes an additional boost. From $850

Beauty Masks Skin Treatment

Utilizing PCA Skin technology, we cleanse your skin and apply a enhancing, texturizing, cleansing, depigmenting and acne clearing mask. This is customized to your skin type and desires. From $200

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