Facial Balancing Cost


  • 4 syringes: $2700
  • 5 syringes: $3250
  • 6 syringes: $3700
  • 3 syringes: $2100

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Facial balancing with fillers:

Facial balancing with injectables involves using fillers to create a more even and well-proportioned appearance for your face. The aim is to correct imbalances, enhance your features, and bring everything into harmony for a better overall look. This approach may include working on areas like your cheeks, lips, chin, or jawline to achieve a natural and cohesive appearance. Nurse Sofia carefully assesses your face during a consultation and develops a personalized plan for you. The goal is to reduce wrinkles, add volume where needed, and refine your facial contours in order to give you a refreshed and balanced appearance. Given the customization, this treatment will generally take multiple sessions and involve a long-term approach.

Facial Balancing
facial balancing

How to get balanced facial features:

Facial balancing through injectables is an excellent solution for those seeking a more harmonious and symmetrical appearance. Research findings indicate that faces with near symmetry are regarded as highly attractive compared to those with asymmetry. This approach proves beneficial for addressing concerns such as uneven features, volume loss, and the effects of aging. After a comprehensive consultation with Nurse Sofia, a personalized treatment plan is crafted to bring symmetry and address specific concerns. The goal is to achieve facial harmony and proportionality. Facial balancing ensures that every aspect, from your chin to your lips and nose, is carefully adjusted to an individualized ratio.

Does filler hurt?

Experiencing mild and temporary discomfort during filler injections is completely normal. We take extra steps to boost your comfort, including applying topical numbing creams and using fillers that contain lidocaine, ensuring a more pleasant experience. Although you might feel slight discomfort, we’re dedicated to prioritizing your pain throughout the entire procedure.

How long will filler last? 

How long the results last after facial balancing can vary for each person and depends on factors like the type of filler used, metabolism, and lifestyle. Typically, the results should be noticeable for six months to a year. As time passes, your body naturally absorbs the filler, and you might notice a gradual decrease in volume. To best maintain the results, Nurse Sofia might recommend occasional touch-up treatments. Discussing your unique features and goals with her during a consultation is essential so she can provide personalized insights into how long the filler results might last and if any follow-up treatments are suggested.

Facial balancing price:

On average, patients pay $1,470 per treatment session. This data is fairly silly as there will be an immense variation based on the treatment area, location, the expertise of the injector, and a patient’s goals. It is best to discuss goals and budgets with your injector. Prices are typically by the syringe, with the needed amount varying based on injector choice and individual needs. Nurse Sofia offers a rate of $750 per syringe for fillers. The cost is determined by the amount of filler needed, which varies depending on your requirements. Check out our prices here.  Click here to see our prices.
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How many syringes of filler are needed? 

Your personalized consultation  will determine the number of syringes needed. By thoroughly assessing your concerns, she will craft a tailored treatment plan to align with your desired goals. This process may involve multiple sessions, each contributing to the overall enhancement of facial balance. A facial balancing session typically utilizes 3 to 6 syringes, ensuring a comprehensive and refined outcome in a single sitting while keeping in account that more fine tuning will likely need to be performed later. 

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