Jawline Filler Cost

Cost: $1,500+
Time: 1 Hour

Non-surgical jawline contouring options:

Jawline filler is a cosmetic procedure using dermal fillers to enhance and shape the jawline. This involves injecting a gel-like substance, often made of hyaluronic acid, into certain areas of the jawline to add volume, definition, and enhance overall facial structure. It’s a non-surgical option for those looking to address issues like sagging skin, loss of definition, or unevenness in the jawline, aiming to create a more sculpted and youthful profile

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How many syringes are needed for a jawline?

The number of syringes used for jawline filler injections can vary widely depending on individual factors, including the extent of enhancement desired, the specific filler used, and the current state of the jawline. Generally, mild enhancements or corrections may require two syringes, while more extensive changes or volumization may necessitate additional syringes. A thorough consultation with a qualified healthcare professional, such as Nurse Sofia, is crucial to assess individual needs and goals.

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How long does jawline filler last?

How long jawline filler lasts varies for each person and is influenced by factors like the type of filler, metabolism, and lifestyle. Generally, results can stay visible for about six months to a year on average. As time goes on, the body naturally absorbs the filler, and some may notice a gradual decrease in volume. To keep your results looking their best, occasional touch-up treatments might be suggested. Nurse Sofia can provide personalized details based on your specific features and aesthetic goals, guiding you on what to expect in terms of duration and any recommended follow-up treatments during your consultation. 

Jawline filler cost:

According to RealSelf, dermal fillers cost $1,462, with potential variations based on treatment areas, reaching up to $4,000. The specific filler needed for a jawline treatment is individualized and contingent on unique requirements. Nurse Sofia starts jawline filler at $1,500, with a minimum of two syringes, and may extend up to $3,000, determined by the quantity of filler utilized. In your personalized consultation with Nurse Sofia, she will expertly guide you on the optimal filler necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals. Check out our prices here. 

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Jawline Filler

Does jawline filler hurt?

Experiencing mild and temporary discomfort during jawline filler injections is entirely normal. We take extra steps to boost your comfort, including applying topical numbing creams and using fillers that contain lidocaine, ensuring a more pleasant experience. Although you might feel slight sensations, we are dedicated to prioritizing your comfort throughout the entire procedure.

Benefits and risks of jawline filler:

Jawline filler is a non-surgical solution for individuals seeking enhanced definition, contour, and symmetry along the jawline, addressing concerns like sagging skin or lack of definition. It is a safe and effective option for those looking to sculpt their facial profile without surgery, catering to signs of aging or a desire for natural feature enhancement. While there are potential benefits, it is crucial to be aware of associated risks, including common complications like bruising and swelling and rare but serious issues such as skin necrosis and blindness. 

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Nurse Sofia prioritizes safety by using her anatomical expertise and tools like cannulas. Fillers, made from hyaluronic acid, are safe and gradually break down over time. Consulting with a qualified professional ensures personalized decisions aligned with individual goals and expectations.

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