Jowl Filler Cost

Cost: $750+
Time: 45 minutes

What Is Non-surgical Jowl Lift?

Pre-jowl filler is great if you’re worried about sagging or losing volume in your lower face, especially around the jowls. It’s a non-surgical way to add volume, lift, and shape, making your jowls less noticeable and giving your face a more youthful look

Pre-jowl filler

Non-surgical Jowl Lift

Refresh your lower face with pre-jowl filler—an excellent solution for sagging or volume loss concerns, especially around the jowls. Jowls form with aging due to factors like collagen loss. However, pre-jowl filler combats this by strategically adding volume, lifting, and reshaping, offering a non-surgical solution to restore a more contoured and youthful appearance in the lower face. Nurse Sofia seamlessly incorporates this region into her facial balancing (link to facial balancing page) strategy, addressing it as a common concern for many patients while ensuring overall facial harmony.

How many syringes for pre-jowl filler?

The quantity of syringes required for pre-jowl filler depends on the extent of volume loss. Addressing slight sagging in each pre-jowl area will require one syringe per side. Following a thorough consultation, Nurse Sofia will precisely determine the optimal number of syringes needed to achieve the most effective and tailored results for you.

Does jowl filler hurt?

Experiencing mild and temporary discomfort during jowl filler injections is completely normal. We take extra steps to boost your comfort, including applying topical numbing creams and using fillers that contain lidocaine, ensuring a more pleasant experience. Although you might feel slight discomfort, we’re dedicated to prioritizing your pain throughout the entire procedure.

Pre-jowl filler cost:

According to RealSelf, dermal filler costs an average of $1,470.The truth is that the brand and type of filler injected, the quantity, the location of injection, the injector, and the city you are in can drastically change these prices. Typically, the pre-jowl can be filled with one syringe per side (2ml total) per session. Nurse Sofia offers a rate of $750 per syringe, and the total cost is determined by the amount of filler needed, which varies depending on your requirements.

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Pre-jowl area

Pre-jowl filler side effects:

While pre-jowl filler may entail mild and temporary side effects, such as slight swelling, redness, or bruising in the injection area, these effects typically resolve on their own shortly. Nurse Sofia ensures a thorough pre-procedure consultation to transparently outline these possibilities, providing you with a clear understanding of what to expect.

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