Trusculpt iD: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

What is Trusculpt iD?

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Trusculpt is a modality of non-invasive fat reduction. It can be used almost ANYWHERE on the body from the neck to the toes.  While it is not a single modality treatment that will transform your body, it WILL help you improve stubborn areas that your diet and exercise simply will not touch such as a double chin, love handles, lower abs.

Trusculpt follows the footsteps of Cool Sculpting which was first got FDA approval in 2010. Trusculpt iD is the BRAND NEW device that was just released in 2019 and exclusively available in our  Newport Beach location. This machine uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat up and kill fat cells.

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Difference: Trusculpt vs. Cool Sculpting?

Fat freezing is an older technology that uses a suction based mechanism to bring skin and fat into the device and then cools that area down to a particular temperature where fat cells are made dormant but not killed. (-7C)  Coolsculpting has more risks and more downtime and you will experience some soreness and numbness after the procedure.

Better Results: Fat freezing v. Trusculpt

Trusculpt is the best option. It is a newer technology that, in clinical studies, provides 2% MORE fat loss in one quarter of the time!

Trusculpt does not rely on suction therefore it is more versatile and can target areas that are rounder like the the jawline, bra bulge and knee rolls

Finally, Trusculpt is better for skin tightening. Multiple FDA approved devices exist that function only as skin tightening devices using RF energy. There is not a single device that uses freezing as a means to tightening the skin.

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How much does Trusculpt cost?

Truscult and Cool Sculpt cost varies and for both advertised prices can be very misleading.  Most ads and Groupons are per treatment area and the desired number of areas will vary in every patient. Though you will see ads for “$600 Cool Sculpt Offer” this really means per area and you likely need at least 6 areas so unless you are getting just “one ab” treated chances are you will pay more than advertised.

According to Realself, the average cost of Coolsculpt is $2,450 while the average price of Trusculpt is $2,250.

We offer package discount of Trusculpt and price our treatment to get you the best results while enjoying maximal savings. We also offer financing through Care Credit and Alphaeon.

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What Are Trusculpt Results Like?

There is no simple answer to this question. Trusculpt and any non-surgical fat reduction device are not an alternative to traditional liposuction. The best candidates are those who, despite diet and exercise, have a few stubborn pockets of fat. Single treatments will not reduce your weight but will improve contours. The final results take 12 weeks to show you the final results and the procedure is repeatable until you get the results you want.

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How many treatments do I need?

The more times you do the treatment. The more fat cells that will be killed. Where you start and where your final goal result is will determine how many treatments you should budget for.

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