Other Treatments

Dr. Patel also performs a variety of treatments including dimple creation, earlobe repair, skin cancer reconstruction and facial trauma repair. Always feel free to call to see if your concern can be addressed.

Dimple Creation

Cost: $1500

Time: 1 hour

In this minor surgical procedure, special suture techniques are used to inserted a dissolving stitch via from the inside of your mouth. This stitch dissolves and a dimple is created via the scar formation that keeps the skin close to the interior lining. This procedure is customized to create a dimple in a natural position and one selected by you.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Cost: insurance coverage or variable

Time: variable

Basal and squamous cell cancers are very common in sun exposed areas on the face and neck. For larger cancers or those in sensitive areas involving the nose, ears and eyelids, reconstruction by a board certified surgeon who understands and performs complex and advanced closure techniques and can manage scars. We take Medicare, United Healthcare, Blue Shield of California, Cigna and Aetna insurance plans. More information is available on the Payment page.

Nasal Bone Fracture Repair

Cost: insurance coverage, $1000

Time: 30 minutes

The nasal bone is the most commonly broken bone in the body. Early intervention leads to the best results. Ignoring a broken nose can lead to significant deformity, pain and nasal obstruction. This procedure can be done awake or at times requires correction in the operating room.

Earlobe Repair

Cost: $1000

Time: 30 minutes

Earlobes can be overly stretched or actually tear through. Repair requires meticulous technique and novel approaches. Dr. Patel has researched and invented novel techniques for closure of severe earlobe defects from gauged earlobes but also has repaired earlobes for patients show simply want to be able to wear earrings again!



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