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DURATION: 30 minutes
RECOVERY: minimal swelling for one month, dissolving sutures 


What is Buccal Fat Removal

buccal fat removal cost
Buccal fat removal before & after

Buccal lipectomy is the removal of a pocket of cheek fat. There are many misconceptions about this procedure, but the bottom line is: it’s safe, quick and no more painful than a cavity filling at your dentist. Perfect for fat cheeks, baby cheeks, chipmunk cheeks and round faces. 

What Is The Buccal Fat Pad?

The buccal fat pad lies in front of the masseter muscle and below the cheek bones. (Fig 1). The fat pad is the one that makes babies cheeks look round. Some of us don’t lose this fat even when we lose weight, so you can elect to have it reduced. Anatomically it is in 3 parts and only 2 of them are removed during the procedure.

Buccal fat is a different type of fat than typical fat. Known as “brown fat,” buccal fat typically does not go away even with weight loss. It does not provide any support to the midface or even the skin. 

buccal fad pad
Fig 1. Buccal fat pad

Dr. Patel Buccal Fat Removal Surgery: The Difference

buccal plastic surgery

In the past year, Dr. Patel has performed over 300 buccal fat removal procedures. While this is a procedure growing in interest, that volume places Dr. Patel amongst the top buccal fat removal surgeon in the world.

Beyond the pure volume and experience, Dr. Patel performs advanced techniques including fat suspension, fat reinjection, and muscular tightening that help enhance your results. His surgical expertise leads to an easy 20-minute procedure that limits swelling and scarring. His experience gives him the confidence to do this with the patient fully awake: if you have to go to sleep your surgeon likely doesn’t have much experience.

If you choose Dr. Patel, you will have a personalized and honest consultation and will get the results you want with buccal fat removal.  When choosing Dr. Sagar Patel, you are choosing the best buccal fat removal surgeon.

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How Will Cheek Fat Removal Change Your Appearance 

Removal doesn’t give you a sucked in cheek appearance at all times. It will subtly change the contours of your midface which in reality enhances and better outlines your cheekbones. Check out the buccal fat removal before and after gallery. Cheek fat removal before and after photos are often not dramatic; however there can be significant changes in shadow contours. 


VIDEO: Buccal Fat Removal Procedure Experience

How Much Is Buccal Fat Removal or “Chubby Cheek Reduction Surgery”?

According to RealSelf, the range buccal fat removal cost in the US is from $2000-$8000. Our cost includes the costs of using the operating room and the facility fee. The only costs not included are that of your medication and transportation. 

Typically this procedure should be performed under local anesthesia. If your surgeon recommends general anesthesia, the main reason is going to be that he or she does not perform it that often. The truth is that local anesthesia makes the surgery EASIER for the surgeon and cheaper and SAFER for the patient. 

While the surgery is never covered under insurance as it is considered cosmetic, patients can use payment plans to pay for the surgery. Third-party financing companies such as CareCredit will often offer interest-free loans for this purpose. 

cost of buccal fat removal
Buccal Fat Removal before and after

Should I Get Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

The ideal patient truly has stubborn “baby fat”, “chipmunk cheeks”, or “chubby cheeks.” For younger patients, Dr. Patel will look at their mother’s photo to determine what their pattern of facial fat loss will be. Dr. Patel performs complete and partial removal depending upon the patient. This procedure can be performed on patients as young as 18 and can even be done on patients in their 60’s. While not everyone is a candidate, Dr. Patel’s consultation will allow him to use his experience to determine what kind of results can be achieved. 

Cheek Reduction Surgery Procedure

The procedure is best done with a numbing shot (local anesthetic like a dentists’ office). Then, a 2.5cm incision is made in your cheek, and then the fat is gently teased out. A few dissolvable stitches are used to close each side. You then go home right after. It takes 20-45 minutes in total. 

Buccal Fat Removal Recovery

You will be swollen for a day and need at least 3 months to see the final results. Some people swell longer than others. You can resume your regular diet and activity the day after the procedure. You will have some antibiotics and a mouth wash and we give you pain medication which the average patient usually takes only for 1-2 days. 

buccal fat removal post surgery
Cheek reduction surgery

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