Buccal Fat Removal



DURATION: 30 minutes
RECOVERY: minimal swelling for one month, dissolving sutures 

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What is buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal lipectomy is the removal of a pocket of cheek fat. There are many misconceptions about this procedure but the bottom line is: its safe, quick and no more painful than a cavity filling at your dentist. Perfect for chubby cheeks, baby cheeks, chipmunk cheeks and round faces. 

Where is the buccal fat pad?

buccal fat location

The buccal fat pad lies in front of the masseter muscle and below the cheek bones. See the area it is demarcated in the image here. The fat pad is the one that makes babies cheeks look round. Some of us don’t loose this fat even when we loose weight so you can elect to have it reduced. Anatomically it is in 3 parts and only 2 of them are removed in their entirety during the procedure.

What will Removal Make Me Look Like?

Removal doesn’t give you a sucked in cheek appearance at all times. It will subtly change the contours of your midface which in reality enhances and better outlines your cheekbones. Check out the before and after gallery here.

What is the Cost of “Chubby Cheek Surgery”?

If you are brave enough you can go to Mexico and have the procedure done for a few hundred dollars. The range is from $2000-$6000. Our cost includes the costs of using the operating room and facility fee. The only costs not included are the costs of your medication and transportation. 

Am I a good candidate?

The ideal patient truly has stubborn “baby fat”, “chipmunk cheeks”, or “chubby cheeks.” For younger patients I will look at their mother’s photo to determine what their pattern of facial fat loss will be. If it is removed and later you loose the fat in that area you will look aged and “gaunt” as you age. This isn’t an unfixable problem and often the discussion leads to: why would I NOT look good in my 20’s so I can look slightly better in your 60’s?

Buccal Fat Removal Results

What is the procedure like?

I recommend that the procedure be done with a numbing shot (local anesthetic like a dentists office). Then a 2.5cm incision is made in your cheek and then the fat is gently teased out. A few dissolvable stitches are used to close each side. You then go home right after. It takes 30-45 minutes in total. 

Bichetomia Cirugia

What is recovery like?

You will be swollen for a day and need at least 3 months to see the final results. Some people swell longer than others. You can resume your regular diet and activity the day after the procedure. You will have some antibiotics and a mouth wash and we give you pain medication which the average patient takes for 1-2 days only. 

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