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DURATION: 30 minutes

RECOVERY: slight bruising, 1 week of a compression wrap, sutures for 5 days

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Chin lipo before and after

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

Fat buildup in the neck and under the jawline (double chin) can create a rounded facial appearance. It is the sharp lines of the cheekbones and jawline that frame and enhances our most important facial features.  Chin liposuction involves using a special cannula to gently loosen and remove fat.

Dr. Sagar Patel Double Chin Liposuction: The Difference

In addition to being board-certified, Dr. Sagar Patel is a top chin liposuction surgery doctor in the United States. There are no fancy lasers needed. Dr. Patel simply gets results with hard work. If you want to see for yourself, take a look at chin liposuction before and after results!

VIDEO: Chin Liposuction. How to Get Rid of a Double Chin.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate for Chin Liposuction?

While removal of the fat can give an improvement to almost any patient, certain patients can benefit more than others. Younger patients (<40 years old) tend to have skin that will retract back down once the fat is removed. Other candidates that get great results are those who have a low body fat percentage but still have a stubborn double chin. Finally, it’s important to know there is no definitive weight limit! 

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How Much Is Chin Liposuction?

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According to Realself, the average price for chin and jawline liposuction is $3,000.
This chin lipo surgery is often performed under general anesthesia, but a caring surgeon can walk almost anyone through the procedure under local anesthesia and this will significantly lower costs. Dr. Patel performs hundreds of chin liposuction procedures yearly and with his expertise, he can perform this safely with you awake. This not only makes the procedure cheaper with an easier recovery but also, he believes, is the secret to better results!

What About Kybella® And Coolsculpting®?

kybellaDr. Patel published the landmark paper on Kybella and its cost efficacy.  In the studies for FDA approval, it was found that over $6000 worth of Kybella was used per patient in order to get an improvement. In addition to being far too expensive for the results you get, Kybella causes a significant amount of pain and swelling, there is a 4% chance of nerve injury, it can cause bald spots in a beard, and worst of all: it has to be repeated multiple times!

There are VERY few patients to whom Dr. Patel ever recommends Kybella. Even though it is performed by many doctors, you will rarely find someone qualified to do liposuction to tell you that Kybella is a better option. Lastly, Kybella and Coolsculpting only address the central fat or the area under the chin. They do not help define the jawline, which in today’s selfie-driven world is just as important!

What Is The Chin Liposuction Procedure Like?

The chin reduction surgery takes slightly over 30 minutes. You have the option of taking an anxiety-relieving pill and then I gently numb your neck with a local anesthetic. Three <1cm incisions are made: one in the crease below your chin and one in each crease below your earlobes.


double chin procedureDr. Patel uses a special technique where he begins by passing the cannula in a superficial plane without removing any fat. The purpose of this tightening liposuction is to create a plane that will help your skin retract down to the underlying tissues and not only give you a contour improvement but also help with tightening the neck skin. After this, we use a 3mm cannula to remove the fat between your skin and the muscles of your neck.


You are able to go home immediately after with 3-4 stitches you will have are removed after 5-7 days. There will be some swelling and possibly some bruising for 3-5 days and it takes about a month to see your final result. We ask you to wear a compression bandage around your face and neck for a week and then you can continue wearing it for another week just at night. 

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