neck lift pricing
COST $12,500 +  anesthesia fees
DURATION 2-4 hours

RECOVERY Outpatient

What is a Neck Lift?

This surgery aims at improving the contours of the neck! An ideal neck has a sharp angle with minimal loose skin or excess fat. While some patients, particularly those who are younger, only need liposuction, others may need a neck lift in order to address not just the neck fat but also the muscle and skin of the neck.

neck lift implant

The Anatomy

There are many ways to go about doing the surgery. While all neck lifts should include addressing the fat via chin and jawline liposuction, there is a muscle underneath the fat called the platysma that should also be evaluated and possibly treated. 

This muscle and its relationship to the underlying hyoid bone is one of the key factors that determine the neck angles.  While addressing the fat on the outside with liposuction will improve contour, the fat underneath the platysma may also need to be removed. After this, the platysma will need to be tightened. This procedure, called a platysmaplasty, involves bringing together the muscle in the middle as well as securing it to the deeper platysma.

neck lift anatomy

Dr. Sagar Patel Neck Lift: The Difference

The best neck lift surgeon will use all the tools available. Not everyone needs a traditional neck lift and being able to tighten the muscle and skin along with removing fat leads to the best lipo results in patients well into their 40’s and even 50’s without the need for a facelift. 

The Deep Neck Technique

The traditional technique is similar to a facelift but instead of an incision in front of the ear, it is made behind the ear. This allows the surgeon to release the skin of the neck and then trim the excess while creating a hidden incision along or into the hairline. 
In certain patients, Dr. Patel can combine the lipo and platysmaplasty with a chin implant to tighten the skin from the middle. While not everyone is a candidate, this makes the procedure easier and avoids the incision behind the ear. The key: you have to have a weak chin that can be augmented. The truth: many people with weak chins also have a worse neck

Neck Lift Cost

According to RealSelf, the average cost of a neck lift in 2021 is $8,950. This cost does not include the cost of anesthesia or a facility fee. This cost typically refers to a traditional neck lift which is a procedure that is generally done under general or twilight anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours to complete. For those looking for a traditional neck lift, Dr. Patel charges $12,500 but pricing can vary depending on additional treatments required. While you can search for a cheap neck lift overseas, this is a procedure in which safety and experience are certainly important. 

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Who Are Good Candidates For A Neck Lift?

The best candidates are generally patients who have a weaker jaw structure that has lead to fat buildup and aged appearance of the neck before the face. Typically, patients in their mid 40’s would be ideal. 

Recovery After Neck Lift

A traditional surgery means you will have stitches behind your ear for 10-14 days. These are generally hidden in your hair so you will be presentable after 5-7 days. Pain pills will be needed for about 3 days and the swelling will be accompanied by a sensation of tightness in the neck.

How Long Do The Effects Of A Neck Lift Last?

Results are not permanent, and some patients choose to undergo another in 10 years or rather combine it with a facelift at a later time. In some sense, however, effects are permanent; years later, the face continues to look better than if it had not been performed. We always say we are not stopping time only turning it back!


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