COST: $4,999 
DURATION: 30 minutes

RECOVERY: Slight bruising, min pain

Facial Liposuction Surgery Cost

Perioral Liposuction: The Basics

perioral lipo before and after

As we age or gain weight, we often find ourselves with droopy, bottom-heavy and fat,  faces. One particular area of common concern that occurs when the cheeks descend to the jaw is the jowls. Face yoga, facial slimming exercises, and creams are never the answer. Often, for patients who do not have as much loose skin, a facelift may also not be the answer. Simple perioral liposuction may help improve contours and decrease the heaviness of the lower face.

What Is A Perioral Liposuction?

Our face is broken up into distinct pockets of superficial fat. While you can perform liposuction in any other superficial fat in the body (think your belly), the face has closely associated muscles and nerves that make it dangerous. 

The amount and position of our fat pockets can vary. While some fat is not safe to remove, for individuals who simply have TOO much fat (as opposed to drooping fat) we can perform a “liposhave.”

A very common area to have had this done is the perioral mounds or superior jowls. Generally, these are thinner patients who have walnut-sized pockets of fat that even buccal fat removal won’t adequately address. 

perioral fat removal procedure

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Perioral Lipo? 

superficial fat pads perioral
While removal of any fat can give an improvement to most patients, certain patients can benefit more than others. Younger patients (20-50 years old) who do not have loose skin and instead have fat accumulation are better candidates. As mentioned above this is for patients with distinct excess fat compartments as opposed to distinctly drooping superficial fat compartments.

How Much Does Perioral Lipo Cost?

Dr. Patel charges $4,999 for this surgery. While many surgeons perform liposuction of the chin and neck, not many perform the advanced techniques and have the expertise to perform liposuction directly on the face.

What About Kybella® And Coolsculpting®?


Dr. Patel published a large scientific study on Kybella and its cost efficacy.  While you can use it directly on the jowls, it is not FDA approved and it is difficult to control the amount needed. Coolsculpting on the other hand does not treat areas above the jawline. 

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