forehead reduction cost
COST: $9,500
DURATION: 90 minutes
RECOVERY: sutures and staples for 10 days, presentable NEXT DAY

What Is A Forehead Reduction?

forehead reduction surgerySome people, whether genetic or from hair loss, can have a large forehead. The mathematically balanced face has a forehead height that is one-third the total height of the face. In order to re-balance the face, we can lower the hairline surgically or via hair transplant.  While a hair transplant offers good results, the density, price, and instantaneous results of the forehead reduction cannot be replicated.  A surgical hairline advancement is a procedure where the front of the hairline is moved forward and the widow’s peak is slightly rounded by excising a segment of skin just below the hairline.

Who is a Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction?

forehead reduction benefits

A forehead reduction is a great procedure for people who have ALWAYS had a naturally high forehead. Patients with male or female pattern baldness or progressive hair loss are NOT candidates for this surgery. This surgery is also ideal for transgendered individuals (MTF) who have started hormone therapy. In addition, your scalp should have good laxity to allow for mobilization. This will determine the amount of advancement that can be performed. Typically, we are able to advance the hairline between 15-30mm.

Forehead Reduction: The Signature Technique

forehead reduction featured procedureDr. Patel’s technique is focused on creating the ideal scar: one that is veiled by surrounding hair, thin, white, and not raised.  Patient selection is the highest priority as MOST patients are not good candidates for surgery. Using a specialized double-layered ‘trichophytic closure allows hair to grow THROUGH the scar which is the best tool to mask it. In addition, Dr. Patel can utilize additional techniques like a galeotomy to allow further advancement of the hairline while minimizing tension on the incision line.

Hairline Lowering With Other Procedures

The surgical hairline advancement procedure involves delicate excision of a precisely designed segment of skin directly in front of the hairline. After this is done, the entire scalp is mobilized and allowed to be pulled forward and sutured to the new position. During the process of this procedure, other procedures can augment the results.

One of the most common additions is a brow lift. Using dissolvable implants, (Endotine®)we can free the brow and secure it in a higher position.  In facial feminization surgery, we often wish to contour the area of the brow to soften a masculine and prominent brow bone. Concomitantly, we can use a drill to contour the brow bone to reduce its prominence.

Forehead Lowering Surgery: Cost

According to Realself, the average cost of surgery in the United States is $8,375 and ranges from $4,000 to $13,000. This cost should include facility and anesthesia fees. The procedure should be performed in a sterile accredited operating room and typically is performed under general anesthesia. Additional procedures, such as brow bone contouring and a brow lift can have added expenses to these prices. Our price for a forehead reduction starts at $9,500.

Forehead Reduction FAQ

What is Forehead Reduction Recovery like? 

You will feel tight and some soreness for three days and have some bruising of your upper eyelids. You can wash your hair the very next day and assuming you have long hair, you will be able to go out in public right then!

What if I have really tight scalp skin?

Sometimes we need to use a scalp expander to stretch out the skin.

Will I need a hair transplant to cover the scar?

About 30% of patients ask for a hair transplant to add hair around the scar to camouflage it. You will need about 1000 hair follicles to cover the whole scar and this is done 6 months after surgery. 

How does this compare with a hair transplant?

An average forehead reduction is the equivalent of 7,000 graft hair transplants. If you are a candidate for hairline lowering surgery, you are looking at getting $35,000 worth of hair grafts for the fraction of the cost.

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