hair transplant surgery cost
COST: $5/graft
DURATION: 8-10 hours

RECOVERY: swelling for 2-3 days, ok to return to to work after 1-2 days

how much hair transplant surgery

What Is Hair Restoration Surgery?


A hair restoration surgery can be the most rewarding option for both men and women. Hair transplant surgery, perhaps more than any surgery in our field, has changed dramatically over the past few decades. That being said, there is a lot of misconceptions about the available techniques and results.

Setting himself apart from other surgical hair practices, Dr. Patel understands that the needs of each patient are unique. His armamentarium of techniques includes hairline lower surgery, follicular unit extraction, traditional strip harvest techniques, and, at times, non-surgical hair restoration.

Dr. Patel Hair Transplant: The Difference

Price. Hair transplant is far too expensive in the US. While we are open to telling our patients that it will be cheaper in Turkey, we are as competitive as our location allows us to be.

Results. Our goal is to take a holistic and realistic approach to your goals, and most importantly to explain to you the science and philosophy behind restoring your hair. The initial consult includes a medical exam, photographic review, and goal analysis in combination with a detailed explanation of what to expect.


FUE Automated Hair-Transplantation FAQs

One hair-restoration option for men and sometimes women uses a standard follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.  It involves a minimally invasive procedure that makes hair transplantation less painful, and reduces post-procedure recovery time and poor outcomes.

The FUE device uses a 1mm harvesting device to extract hair follicles for targeted placement in another area of the scalp. Once transplanted, the healthy follicles produce hair that should continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life. 

Candidates For Hair-Transplantation

Nearly any man with bald patches or thinning hair can undergo hair restoration with the FUE system, although it is ideal for men who have the following:

  • Healthy areas of hair on the sides or back of the head
  • Hair loss because of scars from prior surgery
  • Androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness)

Men who have hair loss because of trauma or burns are also good candidates.

Women with thinning scalp hair can bolster their hair using a combination of hair transplant and medications. 

The  Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE hair transplantation is gentler than traditional hair-restoration surgery, which involves removal of a large strip of hair and skin from the back of the head. Although traditional hair-restoration surgery is still performed, it is invasive and usually leaves prominent scars on the back of the head.

Our device involves using follicular unit extraction (FUE), a surgical procedure in which hair is transplanted in individual follicular units. Each unit consists of one to four hairs that have been extracted from the donor area on the back and sides of the hair. This area will not lose hair. Once the hair follicles are removed from the back, channels are created in the areas with thinning hair, and the grafts are meticulously placed into each site. This is all performed under local anesthesia. 

Advantages Of The FUE Hair-Transplantation System

Advantages of using follicular unit extraction rather than methods that remove a large strip of hair include the following:

  • Recovery is faster and more comfortable
  • Sutures are not necessary
  • There is no linear scar from the harvest area

Another advantage is that the complications (bleeding, or damage to the nerves and blood vessels) associated with the “strip” method are rare.

VIDEO: FUE Hair Transplant System Explained

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