Otoplasty (ear pinning)

COST: $2499 Limited Time Special Offer
DURATION: 1.5 hours

RECOVERY: 1-2 days of a light throbbing pain, compression headband x 7 day then 7 days just at night

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What is an Otoplasty?

Otoplasty (ear reshaping surgery) is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the ears. Ear pinning surgery does not affect hearing, and provides significant psychological benefits to anyone who is teased about ear size and/or shape, has had a serious ear injury, or simply wants to improve his or her appearance. Otoplasty is most often performed to set unusually protruding ears closer to the head (ear pinning). The goal of the surgery is simply to make the ears unnoticeable. No one has EVER said: “you have beautiful ears.”

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

How much Does Otoplasty Cost?

According to RealSelf, the price varies from $25 to &8600+. The surgery can be done with an incisionless technique and if a cut needs to be made, the procedure should be done in an operating room. Regardless of the method, it should be done in a sterile environment. For adults, this is not a procedure for which you need general anesthesia.

What Happens During my Consultation?

The most important aspect of this surgery is precision and a careful analysis of where corrections need to be made. Often times, the outer cartilage (the antihelix) is not folded and a simple suture technique is all that is required. In some cases, the ear can be prominent and protruding, requiring a separate technique. Dr. Patel will employ careful measurements and provide you with a truly surgical result. In most cases this can be achieve without an incision using complex suturing techniques.

Otoplasty Measurement

How is an Otoplasty Performed?

The procedure begins with a numbing shot behind the ear that is able to make the entire ear insensate. If an incision is required, we being with that and place the sutures that bring the ear closer to your head I then place the sutures that are hidden under your skin and create a fold in your ear. After closing up the incision you are wrapped in a bandage that is worn overnight.

What is Recovery after a cosmetic ear surgery like? 

You typically will have a tight compression bandage on for 24 hours. Once that comes off you can shower. You should expect some bruising on the ears (worse on the side I do first since you lay on that side afterwards), and the ears will be pretty swollen for 1-3 days. After 24 hours, you will switch to a compression headband that needs to be worn for 1 whole week. The average patient needs pain medication for 2-3 days but then simple Tylenol will suffice. If you have the incisionless technique your recovery will be even easier.

You can resume working out after your sutures have dissolved. You should see significant improvement immediately after the surgery, but need to wait a bit for the swelling to go down to see the final result.

What are the Risks And Complications Of Otoplasty?

Complications of otoplasty are rare and usually minor. A small percentage of otoplasty patients develops a blood clot on the ear or an infection in the cartilage. These issues may resolve on their own or be treated medically through intervention or antibiotics. Other possible complications include a change in skin sensation at the surgical site. There is also a possibility that a patient will not be satisfied with the appearance of the ears post-surgery. A patient should not expect the ears to match exactly; even natural ears are not entirely symmetrical.

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