lip lift cost
COST: $4,999

RECOVERY: sutures for 1 week, mild soreness, lots of swelling
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What Is A Surgical Lip Lift?

upper lip lift surgery A lip lift (modified upper lip lift or bullhorn lip lift) is a procedure that reduces the distance between the nose and lips while increasing the height and fullness of the upper lip and improving your dental show. This is accomplished by surgically excising a strip of skin from right below the nose.

What Is The Cost Of An Upper Lip Lift?

According to RealSelf, the average cost is $3,350. The procedure is typically always done under local anesthesia when it is done as a single procedure. This cost can be higher depending on level of expertise of your surgeon and where you are located. 

How Is A Lip Lift Performed?

lip lift procedureThis procedure is performed under local anesthesia in about 30-40 minutes. Precise measurements, the release of tissue, and a masterful tension-free closure are the key technical aspects of the procedure; however, patient selection is more important than anything else. There is minimal pain after the procedure and aside from an antibiotic, minimum care is needed. Sutures are removed after 3-5 days and it takes about 1 month for the incision to heal and be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

benefits of lip lift procedureNot everyone is a perfect candidate. In general, the best indication for the procedure are those patients with a LONG upper lip length and a short upper lip height. This procedure is a natural alternative to repeated filler injections and overall can be used as a cost savings treatment as the cost of lip fillers can add up over a lifetime.

Key measurements to determine candidacy include the ratio of length between the upper lip and distance between the nose and upper lip. Those who scar poorly are also not great candidates in general; however, the face does heal better than other areas of the body especially with a careful surgical closure. In addition, one of the key signs of aging is loss of lip volume and this procedure can naturally enhance that without the feeling of firmness that often accompanies lip filler injections. 

What Is The Procedure Like?

Prior to the procedure, your lips will be marked injected with local anesthesia. We give you the option of taking an oral sedative medication to help you relax prior to going into the operating room. The rest of the procedure takes about 30 minutes and is pain-free throughout. When you are done you will be swollen; however, you can see the initial results immediately.

Lip Lift Results

Dr. Sagar Patel Lip Lift: The Difference

Precision and care. You will see Dr. Patel repeatedly and often. He is very detail-oriented and has performed this procedure regularly and has the experience to get you results.

What Is Recovery After An Upper Lip Lift Like?

Lip Lift Results

The sutures will be in place for one week. You will be swollen initially and should not strain for one week. Mouth movement such as kissing, yelling and chewing should also be limited. Once the stitches are out, the incision will slowly heal but will be red for about a month. You can cover it with makeup after about 10 days.

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